The Raising of Lazarus: The Larger Plate

Rembrandt Original Etchings

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Eight original etchings by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606 - 1669) are now available for the first time in nearly one hundred years - - the Millennium Impressions. Rembrandt, deemed "The Master Etcher" by art historians, needs no introduction. Rembrandt’s etched works of art are recognized as the most distinguished body of work ever created by any artist in this medium.

Despite the passage of three hundred years since his death, the genius of Rembrandt’s etchings continues to capture and hold our feelings and imagination. Rembrandt’s art captivates us because both the joy and despair Rembrandt experienced in his life are reflected in his etchings - - the medium of art Rembrandt loved and used to communicate his art to the people. Rembrandt’s rich masterpieces still confront and communicate to us today, and remind us that no artist in history has approached Rembrandt’s mastery of etching.

While the new millennium is cause to celebrate the future and the dawn of a new century, it also offers us an opportunity to honor those artists that profoundly influenced art history. Rembrandt reigns as one of these few artists.

Rembrandt’s etchings are as rare as they are beautiful, and we invite you to take advantage of this limited once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - - the opportunity to own eight original etchings recently printed directly from Rembrandt’s copper etching plates. We are confident that Rembrandt’s timeless works of art will become a treasured part of your home, office and fine art collection.

A remarkable opportunity awaits you... own an original masterpiece by Rembrandt!

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Bust of a Man Wearing a High Cap, B. 321Signed and dated RHL 1630
Second and Final state
Posthumous impression, 1998
4" x 3.25" $3500   Photo
Artist's Mother with Hand on Her Chest, B. 349Signed and dated RHL 1631
Second and Final State
Posthumous Impression, 1998
3.625" x 2.5" $3600  Photo
The Card Player, B. 136Signed and dated Rembrandt f. 1641
Second and Final State
Posthumous Impression, 1998
3.5" x 3.125" $4000   Photo
The Golf Player, B. 125Signed and dated Rembrandt f. 1654
Second and Final State
Posthumous Impression, 1998
3 11/16" x 5 9/16" $4100  Photo
Landscape With a Cow, B. 237Etching, with Drypoint, ca. 1650
Second and Final State
Posthumous Impression, 1998
4 1/16" x 5" $5200   Photo
Self Portrait, Drawing at a Window, B. 22Signed and Dated Rembrandt f. 1648
Fifth and Final State
Posthumous Impression, 1998
6.25" x 5.125" $5200  Photo
Christ and the Woman of Samaria, Among Ruins, B.71 Signed and Dated Rembrandt f. 1634
Second and Final State
Posthumous Impression, 1998
4 11/16" x 4 3/16" $5200  Photo
The Raising of Lazarus: The Larger Plate, B. 73Etching with Drypoint and Burin, ca. 1630
Signed RHL van Ryn f.
Tenth and Final State
Posthumous Impression, 1998
14.25" x 10" $9100  Photo
Complete Set (Suite) 10% Discount$31,500

All prices are for framed. Unframed prices available upon request.

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