The Three GracesThe Three Graces
by Frederick Hart

Clear Acrylic Resin, 2003.
Edition: 1 - 395  Artist's Proofs; 
Collaborator's Proofs: A - T
14"" H

To fully appreciate this fine piece, with its trompe l'oeil special effects as the light reflects off each facet, watch our 60-second  Video with sound.  A rotating light pedestal shows this piece's full effect.   See our Pedestals section for some suggestions. (Shown in video: Pedestal Model 174).

Frederick Hart's inspiration for The Three Graces came from mythology. In Greek lore The Three Graces had the power to bestow on humankind the enchantment of beauty accompanied by refinement and gentleness. It can be said that each of us has three graces within us. For one person it might be Faith, Hope and Love. For another, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. For Frederick Hart The Three Graces were Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

The Three Graces by Hart calls us to fully realize life by defining our own graces -- beacons of light within illuminating the path before us.

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